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This is a list of all airline codes.The table lists the IATA airline designators, the ICAO airline designators and the airline call signs (telephony designator). Historical assignments are also included for completeness IATA Codes are an integral part of the travel industry and essential for the identification of an airline, its destinations and its traffic documents. They are also fundamental to the smooth running of hundreds of electronic applications which have been built around these coding systems for passenger and cargo traffic purposes

Find out which airlines are members of IATA. You can filter airline members by region, name or code IATA Airline Codes Browse by IATA code. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0 - 9. Browse by NAME ICAO IATA You are viewing airline IATA codes. IATA Airline codes. IATA code - MAWB IATA code IATA airlines IATA - 001 IATA - AA American Airlines IATA - 002 IATA - 2G CargoItalia (alternate) IATA - 005 IATA - CO Continental Airlines IATA - 006 IATA - DL Delta Air Lines IATA - 012 IATA - NW Northwest. Table IATA & ICAO Airline-Codes. In this airline codes list of flugzeuginfo.net you can find the most current (last updated on 31.08.2020) IATA airline designators (two letter code), ICAO airline designators (three letter code / reservation code) and Callsigns (telephony designator) of most international air carriers (1008 entries)

Home Earth Continents Countries International Codes International Airlines and Airports IATA 3-letter codes Airport Codes - A. IATA Airport Codes - A. Rossiya Tu-214 in front of the terminal at Abakan airport (ABA) in Khakassia, Russia. Image: Vladimir Pochekutov IATA delay codes were created to standardise the reporting by airlines of commercial flight departure delays. Previously, every airline had its own system, which made the sharing and aggregation of flight delay information difficult. IATA standardised the flight delay reporting format by using codes that attribute cause and responsibility for the delay; this supports aviation administration. ISAGO Audit Reports provide airlines with safety as well as cost benefits. If your airline is interested in ISAGO, contact us at isago@iata.org and see our brochure for more information. The following airlines are recognized for their contribution to the ISAGO program IATA airline designator. IATA airline designators, sometimes called IATA reservation codes, are two-character codes assigned by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to the world's airlines.The standard is described in IATA's Standard Schedules Information Manual and the codes themselves are described in IATA's Airline Coding Directory

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  1. Die IATA-Codes für Fluggesellschaften - auch bekannt als Zwei-Buchstaben-Codes (englisch two letter codes) - werden von der International Air Transport Association (IATA) aufgrund der Resolution 762 vergeben und bestehen aus einer Kombination von zwei Buchstaben und/oder Zahlen. Sie werden vor allem - aber nicht nur -- bei der Ausgabe von Flugscheinen (englisch ticketing) und in.
  2. Air Berlin is the second largest airline in Germany. Air Berlin has the AB IATA code and the BER ICAO code. While many of these airline codes are quite common, there are a few interesting airline codes as assigned by the ICAO. Many of these airlines have gone out of business but a few of these airlines with funny codes are still flying
  3. antly for airports and some cities as well. The International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Location Identifier is a unique 3-letter code (also commonly known as IATA code) used in aviation and also in logistics to identify an airport
  4. Airline Codes Find every airline code in the world. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0 - 9. Browse by: NAME ICAO IATA Here are the world's major.


IATA CODES Location Airport Location Airport Location Airport Aalborg AAL Glasgow GLA Okinawa OKA Aarhus AAR Glasgow, Prestwick PIK Oklahoma City OKC Abadan ABD Goma GOM Omaha OMA Abakan ABA Goodnew Bay GNU Ontario ONT Aberdeen ABR Goose Bay YYR Oran ORN Aberdeen ABZ Goroka GKA Orebro OR Please select a letter to get either IATA/ICAO Airline codes beginning with that letter: Select a letter for IATA-Code: Select a letter for ICAO-Code:. Bookmark 40 Mile Air IATA Code IATA Code for 40 Mile Air is - Q5, IATA Prefix is 519, ICAO Code is MLA . 40 Mile Air IATA Code, IATA Code for 40 Mile Air is - Q5, IATA Prefix is 519, ICAO Code is MLA , Carrier Codes and Names, Cities, Airports, Airlines and Countrie Airline Code: Airline: Country: Carrier Code: IATA(*) 【A】 001: AMERICAN AIRLINES INC. U.S.A. AA: AAL * 014: AIR CANADA: CANADA: AC: ACA * 055: ALITALIA-COMPAGNIA.

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  1. ICAO Airline Codes Browse by ICAO code. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 0 - 9. Browse by NAME ICAO IATA You are viewing airline ICAO codes.
  2. Suche nach IATA-Flughafen-Codes. Einfach im Suchfeld den IATA-Code oder den Namen einer Stadt oder eines Flughafens eingeben
  3. Airline IATA Codes IATA Code for Arkia-Israeli Airlines is - IZ, IATA Prefix is 238, ICAO Code is AIZ Israe

Browse airports by IATA codes starting with the letter S. Find every airport code in the world IATA flyselskaode, ofte kalt IATA reservasjonskode, er kode bestående av 2 bokstaver, utstedt av International Air Transport Association (IATA) til alle verdens flyselskap i henhold til Resolution 762. Disse bokstavene er de første to i flynummeret. Koden blir brukt til å identifisere et flyselskap i alle forretningsmessige sammenhenger slik som reservasjoner, tidtabeller, og flybilletter Airlines Codes; Airlines Codes IATA Three Digits AWB Prefix and Two Letters Codes For All Major Airlines. Airline Name IATA AWB Prefix Country; Etihad Airways Crystal Cargo: EY: 607: Abu Dhabi: Ariana Afghan Airlines: FG: 255: Afghanistan: Ada Air: ZY: 121: Albania: Albanian Airlines: LV: 639 IATA Aircraft Codes (Equipment Code) The table IATA Aircraft Type Codes of flugzeuginfo.net gives you an overview of the IATA Equipment Code with Wake Category used for Airline Reservation Systems, Timetables, Aeronautical Information Service (AIS - A/S) IATA airline codes are codes made of two characters and assigned to every airline in the world. These codes are assigned by the International Air Transport Association. Besides being important for companies, they are also essential for many applications designed by using them

Aircraft Type Codes. Below is a list of IATA Aircraft Type Codes with ICAO tie-ups used in Airline Computer Reservation Systems, Timetables, Airport Information Systems and Schedule Data Publications. e.g OAG Airline Guides and Pocket Guides UM Air IATA Code, IATA Code for UM Air is - UF, IATA Prefix is 828, ICAO Code is UKM , Cities, Airports, Airlines and Countries IATA codes, Airline, Airport, Country Abbreviations, ICAO Airline Designator, IATA Airline Designator, Current Airline Members - IATA, Airline and Locatio Notes: Airlines with null codes/callsigns/countries generally represent user-added airlines. Since the data is intended primarily for current flights, defunct IATA codes are generally not included. For example, Sabena is not listed with a SN IATA code, since SN is presently used by its successor Brussels Airlines. Sample entrie

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  1. We've put together a comprehensive guide to all airline codes used in the airline industry. The list contains 2-digit IATA (International Air Transport Association) airline codes and 3-digit ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) airline codes
  2. Sortable table of IATA codes by airline: including the top 200 airlines worldwide and their allocated International Air Transport Association 2-digit code
  3. IATA codes are used in place of ICAO for commercial purposes — such as with airline ticketing, baggage checks, travel itineraries, domestic flight numbers, and more
  4. 265 airline anggota IATA - Kode Penerbangan Posted on Desember 11, 2016 Januari 5, 2020 Author Edison Sutan Kayo Leave a comment Berikut semua kode penerbangan maskapai atau airline anggota IATA ( International Air Transport Association )
  5. Airlines : IATA codes - ICAO codes. FGUAP MCHS ROSII / Guyana Airways <1Time Airlines / Aerowings> <Affretair / AirGuyane Express> <Air Haiti / Air Turquoise> <Air Uganda / Amuraviatrans> <ANA.

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  1. Airlines Codes. Airlines should assign a specific IATA code for use in booking, schedules, telecommunications, ticketing, shipping documents and commercial purposes, consisting of two letters. EGSKY offers you the possibility to know the country of origin of the company and its website
  2. IATA codes are using for indication of airports in air schedules, reservation´s systems, coding baggages etc. These codes gives out International Air Transport Association. Expect codes IATA, organization are using also ICAO codes in use, which are defined by Internation organization for civíl aviation. These codes are using for managing air traffic and maybe in future they substitue IATA
  3. Download IATA airport & city codes and names in excel or SQL Get the latest names and IATA code abbreviations. Download IATA airport codes database and gain access to unique three-letter IATA city codes, each associated with a specific airport in the world. Besides being location identifiers of the airports these codes also help in passenger reservation, ticketing and baggage-handling

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Airline IATA Codes IATA Code for Bringer Air Cargo is - E6, IATA Prefix is 417, ICAO Code is BRC Brazi QH is the airline code for Bamboo Airways. Click here to find more AIRLINE NAME IATA DESIGNATOR 3-DIGIT CODE ICAO DESIGNATOR COUNTRY Adria Airways JP 165 ADR Slovenia Aegean Airlines A3 390 AEE Greece Aer Lingus EI 053 EIN Ireland Aero República P5 845 RPB Colombia Aeroflot SU 555 AFL Russian Federation Aerolineas Argentinas AR 044 ARG Argentina Aerolineas. Bookmark American Samoa - AS - American Samoa Alpha-2 ISD Code AS, Alpha-3 UN Code ASM, NUM (UN) Code 16, Dialing Code 1-684 . List of Countries with dialiing code, List of Countries with Aplha Code, Countries IATA code list, IATA Country Codes, List of Country Codes, List of Countrie Airlines : IATA codes - ICAO codes. ANA - All Nippon Airways / Azzuraair <1Time Airlines / Aerowings> <Affretair / AirGuyane Express> <Air Haiti / Air Turquoise> <Air Uganda / Amuraviatrans> <ANA.

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IATA Codes: Aegean Airlines A3 Aeroflot SU Aerolineas Argentinus AR Aeromexico AM Air Asia AK Air Asia X D7 Air Berlin AB Air Canada AC Air China CA Air France. 7 or 8 Digit Numeric Code. Cargo Agency. 11 or 12 Digit Numeric Code. Travel Agent ID Card. 10 Digit Verification Number. CheckACode Evaluation. Validate IATA Agency Codes and Travel Agent ID Cards Enter IATA Numeric Code or Verification Number : CheckACode Feature Comparison Table. Buy Now; Available User Feature Sl. No. Airline Name: Prefix: Code: 1: American Airline: 001: AA: 2: Air Canada: 014: AC: 3: Alitalia Cargo: 055: AZ: 4: Air France: 057: AF: 5: Air Setchelles: 061. Callsign: Air Koryo: IATA-Code: JS: ICAO-Code: KOR: Airline: Air Koryo: Country: North Korea: Website: http://www.korea-dpr.com//Air%20Koryo/index.ht

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Indre Agder og Telemark Avfallsselskap IKS (IATA IKS) søker en fleksibel og samarbeidsorientert kontormedarbeider. Tøming av slam i Tovdal Publisert: 21.09.202 Airlines that do not qualify for IATA codes but operate at airports with automated baggage sortation systems may be eligible for a baggage tag issuer code. Regarding location identifiers, bus, rail or ferry locations may be eligible for an IATA code if requested by an airline or CRS Boeing Customer Codes Updated 14 June 2007. New Search available you can now search Airlines by IATA accounting / Prefix codes - added 15 April 2007. IATA Airlines Codes Updated to Amendment 69/7 dated May 2007. Official Austrian Civil Aircraft Register Link added - 04th April 2007 . Click here to send feedback, updates or correction Airline codes - FlightView Inc Clark Airport - IATA Code - CRK. Approximately 2.100.000 passengers . Clark International Airport, located 5 km from the Clark Freeport Zone is another airport serving the Manila Metropolitan area and Central Luzon Region.Airport serves domestic and international flights, with focus on low-cost airlines like Cebu Pacific and Philippines AirAsia. Due to its location, Clark Airport is a.

Villahermosa Airport (Tabasco) - IATA Code - VSA Also called: Carlos Rovirosa Pérez International Airport Passengers: ~ 1.2 million Airline(s): Aeromexico, Interjet, VivaAerobus Nearby city(s): Villahermosa, Cárdenas, Coatzacoalcos Oaxaca Airport (Oaxaca) - IATA Code - OAX Also called: Xoxocotlán International Airport Passengers: ~ 1.2 million Airline(s): Aeromar, Aeromexico, Volari Airline Code Search lets you identify the two / three letter IDs also know as IATA / ICAO Codes of airlines all around the world. Features: » Find names of 5K+ airline companies » Search airline information on Wikipedia » Call external website of airline companies » Share airline codes » Navigate to location of airline headquarter in Google Map

IATA said a sample across 76 major airlines showed that operating costs for the second quarter were 48 per cent down year on year but operating revenues were down 73 per cent. With international demand down nearly 90 per cent, airlines have parked thousands of mostly long-haul aircraft and shifted their operations to more costly short-haul flying where possible Are you in the airline industry or thinking about entering it? Then you know that you will have to memorize the 3-digit IATA (International Air Transport Association) and possibly 4-digit ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) airport codes. These are the codes that represent an airport. Use this app to memorize the IATA/ICAO airport codes, names of the airports and where they are. Browse airports by IATA codes starting with the letter I. Find every airport code in the world Code*1 ICAO No Airline IATA Numeric Code*1 ICAO 1 Ada Air ZY 121.ADE 136 Forward Air International Airlines, Inc. BN 2 Adria Airways - The Airline of Slovenia JP 165 ADR 137 Garuda Indonesia GA 126 GIA 3 Aer Lingus Limited EI 53 EIN 138 GB Airways Ltd. GT 171 GBL 4 Aero Asia International (Private) Ltd. E4.532 139.

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International IATA 3-letter codes, index to lists of cities and airports throughout the world with the 3-letter location identifier code for airports and cities, now with map-enhanced IATA search A complete list of all airports in Illinois, along with their IATA codes, airport locations on the map and passenger numbers. A complete list of all airports in Illinois, Southwest Airlines is the main carrier at the airport, while Atlanta and Denver are top destinations Airlines : IATA codes - ICAO codes. CM Airways / Dynamic Airways <1Time Airlines / Aerowings> <Affretair / AirGuyane Express> <Air Haiti / Air Turquoise> <Air Uganda / Amuraviatrans> <ANA. Airline codes IATA ICAO Airline Call sign Country Comments XJE X-Jet Austria XAB Xabre Aerolineas: AERO XABRE Mexico XAE Xair: AURA Czech Republic XJC XJC Limited EXCLUSIVE JET United Kingdom XER Xerox Corporation: XEROX United States 7A XRC Express Air Cargo: TUNISIA CARGO Tunisia MF CXA Xiamen Airlines: XIAMEN AIR Chin

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Compagnie/Airline: Code IATA/ IATA code: Code OACI/ ICAO code: Pays/Country: Website: Remarques/Remarks: 4220: SPA AERO : Russie/Russia : Fin des opérations : 1994 / Date of end of operations : 199 Airline codes IATA ICAO Airline Call sign Country Comments BBF B-Air Charter: SPEEDCHARTER Germany 2014: BO BBW BB Airways: BEEBEE AIRWAYS Nepal JD CBJ Beijing Capital Airlines: CAPITAL JET China OUF Beijing Eofa International Jet: China 2014: OTA Business Aviators: OUTLAW United States 2014: BWD Bluewest Helicopters-Greenland: BLUEWEST Denmark TB Browse airports by IATA codes starting with the letter A. Find every airport code in the world

IATA attributed the relative cargo strength to several airlines with large freighter fleets as well as U.S. emergency relief for the airline industry. Less demand for hospital gear contributed to a 20% reduction in freight volume for Asian carriers. (Source: IATA To obtain an IATA designator, or 3 numeric code the applicant will first incur a one-time assignment fee. For a full list of the one-time fees please refer to the pricing list on the IATA Customer Portal under the heading Resources, and the subheading Documents Each year, IATA will invoice all valid code holders an annual fee to retain the codes

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World Airport Codes provides info for almost every airport in the world, including airport codes, abbreviations, runway lengths and other airport details Show all airlines and its designated carrier ID code. Airline IATA codes Use Ctrl + F to search for an airline. CarrierName CarrierID : 40-Mile Air: Q5: ABC Aerolineas SA de CV dba Interjet: 4O: ABSA-Aerolinhas Brasileiras: M3: ABX Air Inc: ABX: ACM AIR CHARTER GmbH: 0CQ: Acropolis Aviation Ltd. CRV: Aer Lingus Plc: EI Airline codes IATA ICAO Airline Call sign Country Comments JW VNL Vanilla Air: VANILLA Japan VAI Volant Aviation International: Pakistan VAR Veca Airlines: VECA El Salvador VLR Volare 22 X: VOLAX Mexico VDR Voldirect: VOLDIR France VVV Valair Aviação Lda: VALAIRJET Portugal VB VIV VIVA Aerobus: AEROENLACES Mexic The Aviation Codes Website - IATA Airline Code, IATA Airline Designator, IATA 2 Letter Airline Code, ICAO Airline Code, IACAO Airline Designator, ICAO 3 Letter Airline Code Test your knowledge with our IATA Codes trivia quizzes in the world category. Over 195 trivia questions to answer. Play our IATA Codes quiz games now! How much do you know

Airline Codes by CheapOair.com offers IATA codes for international and domestic airlines The term code refers to the identifier used in the flight schedule, generally the two-character IATA airline designator code and flight number. For example, XX123, flight 123 operated by the airline XX, might also be sold by airline YY as YY456 and by ZZ as ZZ9876

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Airlines Letter Codes IATA : airline designators are two-character or two-letter codes assigned by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to the world's airlines.They form the first two characters of the flight number.Designators are used to identify an airline for all commercial purposes, including reservations, timetables, tickets, tariffs, air waybills, and in airline interline. A. Standard IATA Delay Codes (AHM730) Others 00-05 AIRLINE INTERNAL CODES 06 (OA) NO GATE/STAND AVAILABILITY DUE TO OWN AIRLINE ACTIVITY 09 (SG) SCHEDULED GROUND TIME LESS THAN DECLARED MINIMUM GROUND TIME Passenger and Baggage 11 (PD) LATE CHECK-IN, acceptance after deadline 12 (PL) LATE CHECK-IN, congestions in check-in are

IATA Airline Codes Hier finden Sie alle gängigen IATA-Codes von nationalen und internationalen Fluggesellschaften. Nutzen Sie die komfortable Suchfunktion zum schnellen Auffinden der gewünschten Daten The largest airlines of the world. The Airlines of the World The national carriers and other international, national and domestic airlines. External Link: IATA, the International Air Transport Association IATA's mission is to represent and serve the airline industry. IATA's Head Office is in Montreal; its main executive office is in Geneva

Our IATA number lookup has the complete list of all IATA code s parallel with the official IATA code l ookup f ound in the official IATA website.On top of that, our list comes with all the information that is useful in the travel and aviation industry to help you reach all related data at the same time. To make the data more useful we've matched the IATA codes with useful information about. IATA's three accreditation models create opportunities for airlines to expand their distribution networks through the Billing Settlement Plan (BSP). NewGen ISS' three new accreditation options are a departure from a dated, one-size-fits-all approach

This depends on the type of operation your company conducts or is planning to conduct. Airlines that publish their schedule. Valid Air Operating Certificate (AOC) Airlines can also refuse to carry passengers according to various guidelines. It is particularly important to re-check requirements close to your departure date since regulations are constantly changing. Please refer to the IATA Travel Centre Terms and Conditions of usage. What search criteria can I use at the IATA Travel Centre website

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Browse airports by IATA codes starting with the letter H. Find every airport code in the world Browse airports by IATA codes starting with the letter E. Find every airport code in the world Airline Name IATA AWB Prefix Country Eagle Airlines ZN 528 Austria East African Safari Air S9 895 Kenya East‐West Airlines EW 804 Australia Eastern Airways T3 467 United Kingdom Ecuatoriana Airlines EU 341 Ecuador Egyptair MS 77 Egypt El Al Israel Airlines LY 114 Israel ELK‐Estonian Aviation Company S8 520 Estoni :For other uses, see IATA (disambiguation). IATA Delay Codes were created to help airlines standardize why a commercial flight left late from its departure airport.. Previously every airline had its own system, so IATA standardized the format of transmission of delay information into these delay codes. These delay codes are used to find out who is responsible for the delay and who will be. IATA airport codes designate airports and metropolitan areas around the world. How well do you know these codes? Take our fun quiz and test your knowledge. Get regular analysis and insights from.

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