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Diphthongization has evolved in different ways: Occitan paire vs. Catalan pare 'father;' Occitan carrièra (carrèra, carrèira) vs. Catalan carrera. Although some Occitan dialects lack the voiceless postalveolar fricative phoneme /ʃ/ , others such as southwestern Occitan have it: general Occitan caissa [ˈkajso̞] vs. Catalan caixa [ˈkaʃə] and southwestern Occitan caissa, caisha [ˈka(j. Catalan: VS: Occitan: Add another Item to this comparison Add Item. Overview: Detailed comparison of Catalan and Occitan World Languages. Side by side look at similarities and differences for things like writing system, script(s) used, total number of speakers, noun declensions, no. of countries spoken in and more Catalan and Occitan are different, but some dialects of Occitan in France are also very different, to the point that some speakers have trouble understanding a conversation. Also, some Lengadocian varieties across the very south of France are almost 100% intelligible with Catalan, a thing that does not help to consider both tongues completely different languages Occitan and Catalan have always been different literary languages with different spellings. You can see that reading the great Chronicles in Catalan from the 13th century. The literary languages are in fact quite close (the same way Portuguese and Spanish are also quite close in their written forms. Occitania and Catalonia (or more commonly Catatania), formally the Republic of Occitania and Catalonia is a democratic nation abutting southwest France, northwest Spain, Andorra, and western Euskadi.As one of the first continuous democratic nations in Europe and the world, it has always been a force for advancing democratic ideals across the world

Occitan's fight to stay away from the cliff of extinction. Her words have some of the feel of Catalan, the same yelled by protestors in their recent fight with the Spanish state Occitania (Occitan: Occitània, locally [u(k)siˈtanjɔ], [ukʃiˈtanjɔ] or [u(k)siˈtanja]) is the historical region in southern Europe where Occitan was historically the main language spoken, and where it is sometimes still used, for the most part as a second language. This cultural area roughly encompasses the southern third of France, as well as part of Spain (Aran Valley), Monaco, and. Catalan is the language of Catalonia corresponding to the modern northeastern part of Spain, the Rousillon, and other parts of the eastern the Pyrenees ( Pirenčus, Pirineus, Pyrénées).. Catalan was for much of its history the official speech of Aragon (which was incorporated into the larger Catalan region but retained the name Aragon because Aragon had kings and Catalonia only counts. Catalan and Occitan: one diasystem, two languages. O ccitan is one of the European languages that has experienced most adversity in its history: once the vehicle through which troubadour poetry flourished in the Middle Ages, it is now a language spoken fluently by less than 4% of the people in its linguistic domain. It is the historical language of a territory of about 200,000 km 2.

Las lenguas occitanorromances u occitanorrománicas son el occitano y catalán, dos lenguas romances muy cercanas que forman un continuo dialectal transicional entre las lenguas galorromances, las lenguas galoitalianas y las lenguas iberorromances. [1] A veces se incluye el aragonés.. Algunas fuentes clasifican ambas entre las lenguas galorrománicas, otras, como Ethnologue, dentro del grupo. Occitan: vuèlh manjar una poma deman. Catalan: vull menjar una poma demà. Spanish: quiero comer una manzana mañana. Portuguese: quero comer uma maçã amanhã . Not only is Catalan closer to Occitan because they are Gallo-Romanic language but also because in the Middle Ages Catalonia and Occitania had very strong policital and cultural links Occitan was the main literary language of France until the 15th century. So let's take a look at what this fascinating language looks like. Occitan has a very high number of diminutives and augmentives like Italian. Personal pronouns in Occitan can be dropped like most Romance languages as the person of the verb is evident from the conjugation Le catalan, lui, est moins fragmenté, plus uni et ses locuteurs (ceux qui le parlent) sont très conscients de leur identité, alors que beaucoup de gens parlant occitan croient parler du patois. 2. Le catalan a gardé la prononciation ou de la voyelle latine u, alors que tous les dialectes occitans le prononcent ü This video is all about the Catalan language! Special thanks to Pablo Pankun Román for his feedback and audio samples. Check out his excellent Spanish-learni..

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Actuellement, le catalan est une langue plus uniforme que l'occitan (il a de nombreuses variétés). Je crois que le catalan-occitan sont plus de deux langues, parce que l'occitan peut être subdivisé en plusieurs langues. Par exemple, je mets ici une petite comparaison des textes en catalan et plusieurs variétés d'occitan The Occitan language While Occitan is sometimes associated with Spanish , it's actually a language spoken in a part of Catalonia and is more closely related to French and Catalan.In Spain, it's referred to as Aranese, and those who speak Occitan are primarily from a small region called Val d'Aran

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Gardarem l'occitan que s'apèla libertat E s'aquò te va pas plan Me fas cagar L'aviái après a l'ostal l'aviái pas après a l'escòla Vai-te'n cagar a la vinha e pòrta me la clau Et en Catalan: ARRACONATS Arraconats dins un pais entre Tolosa i Marsella, Al bellmig de la garriga, en plena Occitània What Spanish is spoken in Barcelona - Catalan Vs Castilian? If you want to study Spanish in Barcelona, you'll probably have questions about Castilian Spanish Vs. Catalan language. With many articles floating around the internet, it's not always easy to determine whether Barcelona is the right place to study Spanish L' occitan ou langue d'oc (en occitan: occitan , lenga d'òc) est une langue romane parlée dans le tiers sud de la France, les Vallées occitanes (Piémont et Ligurie) et Guardia Piemontese (Calabre) en Italie, le Val d'Aran (Catalogne) en Espagne et à Monaco . L'aire linguistique et culturelle de l'occitan est appelée l' Occitanie ou Pays d'Oc . Au cours de son histoire, l'occitan a. Catalan oriental: lë virtut ëstá'n lë mëzurë. Catalan occidental: la virtut está'n la mezura. Comme tu vois la différence entre oriental et occidental, purement phonétique, consiste en la neutralisation en ë de a et e atones ou bien leur conservation avec la tonalité e, a, ce qui rappelle beaucoup la différence, sur ce point, entre le portugais européen en le brésilien Aide à la transmission et au développement du catalan et/ou de l'occitan, Aide au patrimoine culturel immatériel. Pour encourager la promotion des cultures catalane et occitane, la Région Occitanie organise chaque année des appels à projet : Appel à projets - Final Total Festum, Appel à projets - Total Festum - Feu de la Saint-Jean

Occitan - Catalan dictionary online at Glosbe, free. Browse 28,409 phrases and 6,506 ready translation memories Occitan language, modern name given by linguists to a group of dialects that form a Romance language that was spoken in the early 21st century by about 1,500,000 people in southern France, though many estimates range as low as one-third that number. The UNESCO Red Book lists some of the dialects o

Quant on voit le nombre d'enfants de notre midi qui parlent avec l'accent pointu, je ne suis plus étonné de voir disparaitre nos racines, à fortiori le catalan et l'occitan Catalan and Spanish but also Portuguese, Italian, French and Romanian are all cousin languages. And the origins of Castilian Spanish vs Catalan are already diverse. The center of Spain (Castilia) was more in touch with Iberian and Celtics, whereas Catalonia was more open to the Mediterranean sea and connected to the Occitan world beyond the. Occitan and Catalan Names The languages of medieval southern France and northeastern Spain were more closely related to one another than to French and Spanish. Names and naming customs in southern France were also quite similar to those in Catalonia, especially in the Middle Ages

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The two Italian towns pictured here are Alghero, Sardinia (Catalan-speaking) and Guardia Piemontese, Calabria, whose inhabitants speak a northern Occitan dialect. Please note that the northeastern part of the Occitan area also takes a good chunk of territory from the Piedmont, so they are not the only places in Italy that speak a variety of these languages However, the Occitan language has closely followed the process of standardization of Catalan, more standardized and more implemented than standard Occitan, and the differences between Catalan and Occitan, nowadays have little or no significance, considering the context of the Romance languages. (occitano) vielha, mieg, ieu/jo, siegere, fuòlha Comparison of the usage statistics of Catalan, Valencian vs. Occitan, Provençal for websites. This report shows the usage statistics of Catalan, Valencian vs. Occitan, Provençal as content language on the web. See technologies overview for explanations on the methodologies used in the surveys. Our reports are updated daily. Usag Rather than mentioning either Occitan or Catalan, they say, the enlarged region could have opted for Pyrénées-Méditérranée, a name that is culturally neutral but highlights the region's. Troubadours began to use Provençal and other Occitan dialects to write satirical plays or comedies that they would perform while travelling around France. Right up until the 15th century, Occitan was used as the main literary language in France and northern Spain. (Occitan is still an official language in the region of Catalan, Spain)

Catalan belongs to the Languedocienne groups of languages. It means that it is directly related with ancient languages that once existed and some exist in the French Languedoc: Provençal, Occitan, Catalan, Lemosin. Until the 12th Century, all languages existing in the Languedoc area and Catalan were the same, also in Aragon Catalan differs from Occitan less than from Spanish but often uses different vowel sounds and diphthongs and also has somewhat different grammatical conventions. Catalan in the early 21st century has lost little of its former lustre, even though it is no longer as widespread as it was between 1137 and 1749, as the official language of Aragon As nouns the difference between occitan and calendar is that occitan is occitan (language) while calendar is any system by which time is divided into days, weeks, months, and years. As a adjective occitan is of or pertaining to occitan (the region or the language). As a verb calendar is (legal) to set a date for a proceeding in court, usually done by a judge at a calendar call Occitan is a Romance language spoken in Southern France and parts of Italy, Catalonia, and Monaco. The Occitan context in Southern France represents one of the earliest cases of language revitalization in Europe, with ongoing literary and language movements since the sixteenth century

The use of Catalan - a language as close to regional languages of southern France like Occitan as it is to Castilian Spanish - has equal status with Castilian and is now actively encouraged in. Catalan and Occitan troubadours at the Court of Alfonso VII Together, those places are often called the Catalan Countries. The language that most similar is Occitan. Catalan also has similarities to other Romance languages, such as Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese. It came from Vulgar Latin and was first spoken in the in the Eastern Pyrenees in the Middle Ages and Ribagorçan Catalan (see Coromines 1976), and in Aranese Occitan (see Coromines 1990), does not assign to it a syntactic category.4 See also Carrera (2007: 160s), who follows Coromines. In section 3 we will show that Catalan and Occitan se is an element which is not an expletive, but rather a meaningful conjunction. 3. The analysis 3.1 MARGARIDA f Portuguese, Galician, Catalan, Occitan Portuguese, Galician, Catalan and Occitan form of MARGARET. Also in these languages, this is the common word for the daisy flower (species Bellis perennis, Leucanthemum vulgare and others)

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  1. Occitan (English: / ˈ ɒ k s ɪ ˌ t æ n /; French pronunciation: [ɔk.si'tɑ̃]; Occitan: ), known also as lenga d'òc by its native speakers (Occitan: [ˈleŋɡɔ ˈðɔ(k)]; French: langue d'oc), is a Romance language spoken in the south of France, the Occitan Valleys of Italy, the Val d'Aran of Catalonia and Monaco.The regions together are sometimes known unofficially as Occitania
  2. This is the LMF version of the Apertium bilingual dictionary for Occitan and Catalan languages. Bilingual LMF dictionaries were generated from Apertium bilingual dix files. For each Apertium bilingual correspondence, the corresponding source and target monolingual entries (LexicalEntry) were generated in addition to the bilingual correspondence (SenseAxis) element
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  4. Adishatz & Bon dia! This mod localizes province and title names in Catalan, Occitan, & Arpitan-speaking regions into their local variants. (e.g. Old Occitan 'Alvernhatz' instead of French 'Auvergne') Plans for the Future: - Decide whether to keep old Occitan, or switch to modern, based on feedback. - Localization for baron-tier title

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Spanish vs Catalan Grammar. Catalan is also spoken in Valencia. By and large, Spanish and Catalan grammar are fairly similar, but with some unique elements in each. I'd say the difference is roughly the same as between Spanish and Italian Catalan vs Spanish. Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. 23 posts Previous; 1; 2; perikolez. 166. Full Member. perikolez. 166. Post Apr 27, 2011 #16 2011-04-27T21:25. Cubanbasque , one of my grandparents born in Bilbao, but his surrnames were castilians. My first and my fith surnames are castilian Catalan terms borrowed from Occitan‎ (0 c, 6 e) Pages in category Catalan terms derived from Occitan The following 13 pages are in this category, out of 13 total Catalan form of Alzeas (via the variants Auzias and Elzéar), itself an Occitan form of ELEAZAR. AVEL·LÍ m Catalan Catalan form of Avellino , the surname of the 17th-century Italian saint Andrew Avellino Creme catalan (kalles også crema catalana og Crema de Sant Josep) er en spansk versjon av crème brûlee som ofte spises i forbindelse med St. Josefs dag (19. mars) som er spanjolenes farsdag

Content of Catalan/Valencian/Occitan. Check out the 1 resources of Catalan/Valencian/Occitan at Amaraun Today, we've reviewed Future Continuous, Enough, Countable and Uncountable and we've continued our reading about a robbery in a castle. We've created a difficult composition divided in two parts with two tempos and two parallel stories and we've talked about Occitan and Catalan Poetry in the XII and XIII Centuries and its affection in political and historical facts

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  1. Apertium TinyLex Occitan Catalan Dictionary Java Uygulamaları - Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry ve diğer Java destekli telefonlar ile indirin
  2. Terms in Catalan that were borrowed from the Occitan language. Pages in category Catalan terms borrowed from Occitan The following 6 pages are in this category, out of 6 total
  3. The Catalan and Occitan Philology Department at the University of Lleida on Academia.ed
  4. Disciples Escoffier Pays Catalan &Occitan. 988 likes. C'est l'égalité entre Disciples, sans distinction de grade, la transmission des connaissances, le respect de la culture et de l'évolution..
  5. occitan, Oc, Occitania, occitano, langue d'Oc, Alibert, Mistral, provenzal, lenga, vivaroaupenc, lemosin, gascon, aranés, catalan
  6. Se lo catalan ditz jueu e judaïsme, un catalan pensarà qu'a l'occitan josieu correspond *jodaïsme e non pas judaïsme. Tanben un vèrb tan corrent coma jugar en catalan e jogar en occitan, es possible qu'engane un parlant qu'oblidarà que se ditz a la 3 a persona del singular del present de l'indicatiu jòga e non pas * joga quand lo catalan vòl juga

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  1. comunicat der institut catalan d'estudis occitans Posted on 9 decembre, 2010 by Ferriòl Macip Pr'amor dera remesa peth Partit Popular de Catalonha deth « Projècte de Lei der Aranés » ath Conselh de Garanties Estatutàries, e donques der ajornament, e dilhèu der avortament, dera sua promulgacion pendent era presenta legislatura, es membres der Institut Catalan d'Estudis
  2. Lenguas occitanorromances - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libr
  3. Is Catalan closer to Occitan or Spanish? Yahoo Answer
  4. Occitan - Language(s) Profile - Language Volcan

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  2. À quel moment l'occitan et le catalan sont-ils devenus des
  3. Learn More About Occitan Rosetta Stone
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  5. Catalan Vs Castilian - What Spanish is spoken in Barcelon
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